About Us

Oral pathology is a confluence of basic Sciences and clinical dentistry and deals with the nature of diseases, malformations, etc. of teeth, mouth and associated structures.

The Indian Association of Oral & Maxillofacial Pathologists is a scientific body, concerned chiefly with the advancement of arts, science and practice of Oral Pathology, etc. and fulfilment of the following aims and objectives:

 Aims and Objectives

  • To promote the co-operative efforts of its members with regard to the advancement of science and practice of Oral Pathology, etc.
  • To convene scientific meetings/ seminars etc. by the executive committee/ working committee.
  • To communicate and publicise the transactions / proceedings of the above to the members of the Association and general dental practitioners through the media, journals, newsletters, etc. with .a view to contribute to the developments of Oral Health Services.
  • To promote academic activities through the voluntary help of various dental and allied institutions in India and abroad.
  • To propogate and work for suitablepublic health measures for the prevention of Orofacial diseases.
  • To arouse interest and consciousness and impart knowledge to the public about Orofacial diseases particularly Oral Cancer and Precancer.
  • To promote such other activities in an attempt to secure better appreciation and furtherance of the aims and objectives.
  • To print and publish journals, periodicals, articles, other literature and video tapes relating to problems, practice, methods and other matter related to Oral pathology etc.
  • To be member of similar associations in other parts of the world.
  • To represent officially the views of the members of the Association on all matters affecting or likely to affect the study and practice of Oral Pathology in India to the Govt. of India, Dental Council of India, different State Governments and Union territories, Foreign Govts., Municipalities, Local Boards, Universities or any other public or private Institutions.
  • To assist the members of the Association in procuring for them the necessary raw materials and other chemicals and equipments required in the field of Oral Pathology.
  • To accept any gifts, donations, subscriptions and contributions for furthering the purposes of the Association.
  • To invest or otherwise deal with any money of the Association in such a manner as may from time to time be determined by the Executive Committee and to open and operate savings, cash, safe deposit or fixed deposit account or accounts with any bank or banks.

Current Office Bearers.

 Dr. Jay Gopal Ray


Dr.N.Chaitanya Babu


Dr. Ranganathan. K

Immediate Past President

Dr. B. K. Das

President Elect