President's Message

Dr Chaitanya Babu N

Dear Colleagues, faculties and my beloved students,
Thank you all for this tremendous honour and electing me to serve you as IAOMP President 2022-23 during this perplexing time. Thank You! is such an entreaty which one has to feel by heart and cannot be visualized or touched. I am deeply humbled and privileged to get your constant support and faith. I am therefore, going to be accessible and responsive to you as possible and make sure that all your concerns are heard and addressed during my tenure.
I wouldn’t want to let any important milestone slip by, so gear up, we have a lot of work to be done ahead of us. I am planning to host slide seminars and CDE programmes at international platform and also develop an oral pathology website interrelated to rare and special cases reported nationally as well as globally. This initiation was taken by me and our team few years back, during my term as IAOMP secretary and was unfortunately terminated due to certain whys and wherefores. Nevertheless, once this website is launched as anticipated, we can gain access to all the rare and special cases reported orally and also exchange our views on appropriate insights of the cases shared on the website. Let’s make this happen and open the door to aid our vocation in new trail for expansion of our services and facilities. However, to make this happen, our association along with the cooperation of all the institutes and individuals is necessary. Hence, I feel particularly privileged and take this platform to act as a catalyst between the website and all the institutes/ individuals. I also appreciate your perpetual support by relentless reassuring of our instigation to launch the website by uploading, your special cases in the website once its functional. Let’s go for it and get it done asap! I know that we can accomplish these prodigious things together.
Looking forward to endure this relationship and to future meetings with both our organization members and the institutes dedicated members. I also welcome your feedback on all issues, and invite you to contact me any time at Please take care of yourselves, and let’s welcome 2023 together by enjoying the upcoming holidays.
Thank you
Dr Chaitanya Babu N